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A Few Words About Us

Liquid Green Hydroseeding and Environmental Services is a Lower Mainland based company that provides a multitude of specialty site works including Hydroseeding, Slope Stabilization, Erosion Control, Site Preparation and Vegetation Management.  We are a young and driven company who has established an industry leading name in its short 4 years by combining the past 15 years of experience from both our Founders in the Canadian Oil and Gas and Canadian agriculture industries.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Certified Experts

Liquid green prides itself in providing our customers a cost effective premium grass solution

Quality Services

Our mission is to find our clients the right solution for their project

Affordable Pricing

We provide reasonable and accurate estimates for each job as no two jobs are the same

Our Equipment

We have a Finn T120 Hydroseeder mounted on an international 4800 4×4 compact semi that can get in almost any space and up grades with up to 200 ft of hose. With the T120, we can spray up to 1/3 of an acre in a single mixed load. 

Learn more about our services and why our Hydroseeder truck can tackle your next job! 

Liquid Green Hydroseeding & Environmental Services

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