Canadian Commercial And Residential Spray On Grass Seed Canada

Liquid Green's spray on grass seed revolutionises lawns in record time. Our expertise ensures optimal germination, transforming your outdoors quickly

Canada's Love for Liquid Green: The Appeal of Spray On Grass

Optimise Your Budget

Opt for our budget-friendly lawn spray. Minimise costs on materials and labour compared to sodding, without compromising quality. Our efficient approach ensures both savings and fast lawn transformation.

Accelerate Results

Experience rapid results with Liquid Green's spray grass seed. Achieve germination and grow far quicker than traditional seeding methods. Our team will work with your specific needs to optimise spray grass results.

Weed Prevention Assurance

Spray-on grass seed can prevent weeds showing up after the initial application due to rapid growth. At Liquid Green we provide a slurry and thick lawn that makes it difficult for weeds to take root and compete for space and resources

Superior Lawn Quality

Ensure uniform growth with our spray on grass seed method, distributing seeds, fertilisers, and mulch evenly. Say goodbye to patches, outperforming other seeding techniques for consistent grass seed growth.

Erosion Control

Combat erosion effectively with spray on lawn seed, fortifying bare areas, enhancing ground cover, and resisting soil loss from water and wind. Spray grass seed is a durable and stable landscape for erosion control benefits on any type of land or slope.

Expert Accreditation

Trust your landscaping to capable hands. Our certified professionals at Liquid Green ensure peace of mind for our customers. Your spray grass seed project is in expert care from start to finish. Our team will be available for questions and help at any time.

What Clients Are Saying About Us

Nicole P.
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Just had an amazing experience with Liquid Green Hydroseeding! Daniel and his team transformed our lawn into a lush green paradise! Professionals with exceptional customer service, highly recommended these guys! Our landscape has never looked better!
Paloma L.
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I used Liquid Green for my parents property and it was a great investment. Liquid Green responded back to me fast and came to quote the property within a a day. Once completed my parents lawn looked amazing. I will be recommending to everyone I know.
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All my neighbours have been asking how my lawn looks so nice and all I have to say is LIQUID GREEN HYDROSEEDING. Great service and even better employees.

Spray on Grass Seed Canada Services

Utilising a blend of spray on grass seed, mulch, fertiliser, and water, the process involves evenly dispersing the mixture onto the soil, fostering accelerated grass growth. This method is adaptable for vast lawns, parks, or specific smaller zones, catering to a range of project sizes.
commercial spray on grass hydroseeding hydro grass spray, hydrograss

Commercial Hydroseeding

The most cost-effective and ideal for various projects like Subdivisions, Wetland Sites, Detention Ponds, Landfills, Parks, Schools, Horse Facilities, Freeways, Campuses, Hospitals, and more. Our commercial grass seed spray excels in catering to high-traffic, heavy-use needs, making it a preferred choice for ballparks, golf courses, playgrounds, and diverse projects.

liquid green hydroseeding residential hydro grass spray, hydrograss

Residential Hydroseeding

Residential hydroseeding can swiftly enhance yards, creating a beautiful space for family and friends to enjoy and admire. Tailored liquid grass seed types use diverse seed mixtures and mulches for robust roots. We recommend top-tier materials, ensuring your home has the most stunning lawn on the block.

Pipeline Reclamation

Obstacles such as tree trunks, boulders, erratic winds, and limited access are easy to tackle with Liquid Green. Our equipment conquers all terrains, from slopes to wetlands and flatlands. No matter the challenges, we have the right spray grass seed, mulch, mix, and application technique to overcome even the toughest terrain.


Engaging in highway projects can be perilous, demanding, and seemingly endless. The inherent dangers and challenges make it imperative to explore safer and more efficient alternatives. Our hydroseeding company emerges as the ideal solution, offering enhanced safety but also remarkable speed and effectiveness in planting grass along the highways.

liquid green hydroseeding pasture hydro grass spray, hydrograss


Revitalise your pastures from 1/4-100 acres swiftly with Liquid Green spray grass seed. Our team offers expert knowledge in addition to diverse seed blends tailored for your animals’ well-being, providing high feed value. Some blends are suitable for hay production, ensuring your animals stay nourished, safe, and comfortable.

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Lawn Spraying Equipment We Use

At Liquid Green, we are proud of our cutting-edge equipment, meticulously designed to ensure outstanding outcomes in our lawn spray services.

Innovative Finn T120 Hydroseeder

Liquid Green thrives on the Finn T120 Hydroseeder, mounted on an International 4800 4×4 for adaptability in challenging spaces. Precision defines us, ensuring optimal germination rates with various seed types. Quality Seed Assurance is paramount, with premium seeds chosen for local compatibility. Tailor your landscape with Custom Seed Blends, reflecting our commitment to precision and creativity. Trust us for a versatile foundation, precise seeding, quality assurance, and personalised solutions, transforming your outdoor space with our spray grass seed company.

Integration of Mulch and Fertilizer

Our spray on lawn seed results lie in seamlessly integrating essential components—mulch, fertiliser, and precise seed application. Hydromulching excellence defines our approach, utilising hydroseeding mulch to fortify soil stability, retain moisture, and control erosion, fostering an ideal environment for seed growth. Strategic fertiliser application is a cornerstone, enriching the soil with nutrients, ensuring robust plant growth. Liquid Green transforms your landscape, ensuring a harmonious blend of precision, innovation, and environmental sustainability for flourishing green spaces.

Is Spray on Grass Seed Necessary for Canadian Lawns?

Liquid Green identifies liquid grass seed clients based on situations where lawn spraying proves most effective such as challenging terrains, limited access, or the need for rapid results.

Expansive Landscaping

Liquid grass seed is ideal for vast spaces like parks, golf courses, and large lawns. It offers an economical alternative, surpassing sodding or turf installation in cost-effectiveness on a large scale. The method ensures consistent seed distribution, achieving a visually pleasing and uniform landscape across extensive areas.

Erosion Mitigation on Slopes

Liquid Green's hydro seeding system excels in erosion control for manicured lawns or embankments facing storm-induced erosion. Our hydroseeding prevents unwanted formation of ruts and trenches. Hydro grass seed preserves the current landscape and averts future soil erosion caused by natural elements and Canadian weather.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Spray on lawn seeds reduce chemical dependency, endorsing sustainable landscaping. It preserves water quality through erosion control and enhances moisture retention in soil, minimising the need for excessive watering practices

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How We Provide Quality Spray on Grass Seed Across Canada

Irrigation Strategies

Spray-on grass seed is a vegetation planting process which, like all vegetation, requires water to grow. We recommend for the first 6-8 weeks to keep the hydroseeded area consistently damp. The weather and time of year will make a vast difference in the frequency and duration of your watering needs. A moist seed is a happy seed, keeping it this way will ensure the seed has an adequate water supply ensuring a quick and healthy germination process. Without proper irrigation your seed will sit dormant and no growth will occur.

Enhancing Soil Quality

A healthy base is crucial to any project. We always recommend using a blended topsoil mix containing composted organic materials, sand and manure.A hydro seeding system relies on a quality, nutrient-dense mixture to provide your project with the best chance of successful growth. We offer free soil testing for your project and have additional topsoil alternatives that we can apply to turn a lack of base into a nutrient rich base. It is crucial that your topsoil is free of weeds as the hydro slurry mixture contains high levels of fertilisers which will in return feed any existing weeds helping them grow.

Weed Control

For any weeds that come through in your newly established vegetation, we advise to wait a minimum of 12 weeks before applying any herbicides or pesticides. Failure to do so before this timeline has elapsed can result in damaged vegetation. Utilising the best spray-on grass seed ensures a robust foundation for your project, offering the highest chance of successful growth.

Care for Seedlings

At Liquid Green we use a personalised spray on lawn seed plan through:

  • Precision in planting depth ensures optimal seed growth.
  • Customised fertilisers cater to seed and soil needs.
  • Comprehensive guidance on post-planting care.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Revolutionising seeding, our method employs a slurry blend of seeds, fertilisers, and mulch. Precision is ensured through specialised equipment, enabling uniform distribution across vast spaces. This innovative approach fosters cost-effective and efficient lawn establishment. Our hydroseeding company involves uniformly distributing a custom grass mixture, known as a "slurry," across barren ground to facilitate grass growth and mitigate soil erosion.

Achieving uniform seed distribution and promoting consistent growth are benefits of spray on lawn seed. Spray grass seed is time-efficient compared to traditional methods. Hydroseeding is a cost-effective choice for large-scale landscaping projects and residential properties. Learn more about hydroseeding cost.

Selecting the opportune timing is crucial for spray on lawn seed and depends on weather nuances and seasonal factors. Ideally, hydroseeding is performed during spring or fall, leveraging these seasons' conducive conditions for optimal germination. This strategic application ensures the best chances of success in establishing robust and flourishing vegetation.

With spray on lawn seeds, germination can start within a week during peak seasons. However, the duration for complete lawn establishment varies, spray on grass seed tends to be notably quicker than traditional methods. This expeditious process ensures a timely and efficient transformation of your landscape.

Hydroseeding, with its versatile application, proves effective for expansive lawns, parks, or smaller targeted areas. Its adaptability shines through various project sizes, providing a tailored and efficient solution for a wide range of landscaping endeavours. No matter the size of the project, spray grass can be an effective and affordable option for lawn goals.

After spray on grass seed application, meticulous care includes regular watering to foster optimal growth. Detailed mowing instructions are provided for proper lawn maintenance. The approach is flexible, offering recommendations or direct engagement in maintenance, seamlessly integrated into Liquid Green's comprehensive process.

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