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Hydroseeding is the smart approach to reclamation and to rapidly cultivate lush and vibrant landscapes quickly. Choose Liquid Green’s hydroseeding Vancouver team to ensure exceptional results

Why Vancouver Loves Liquid Green Hydroseeding

Save Money

We are the best team for hydroseeding in Vancouver BC because we offer state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, and expertise in this area. Choose our Vancouver Hydroseeding services for a seamless hydroseeding process that will be quick, efficient, and cost-effective.

Save Time

Our Vancouver hydroseeding team offers time-saving benefits with faster results compared to traditional seeding methods, with seeds germinating within a week. It's the efficient choice for quick, lush landscapes.

Prevent Weeding

Hydroseeding Vancouver services not only promotes rapid growth but also acts as a weed deterrent, guaranteeing a thick, lush lawn that hinders weed establishment, maintaining a healthy landscape.

Uniform Coverage

Our hydroseeding Vancouver team take pride in our hydroseeding process, which guarantees a visually appealing and healthy landscape through uniform coverage. You can expect a coverage rate that is approximately 1.5 times longer than traditional method.

Control Erosion

Did you know that Vancouver hydroseeding services are really effective at controlling erosion? When the mulch material is sprayed over the soil, it creates a protective layer that helps prevent erosion from rain, wind, and other environmental factors.

Certified Experts

Enjoy the peace of mind as your landscaping goals are in the capable hands of our certified professionals, using the best equipment and the best grass seed for Vancouver. Your hydroseeding needs are our expertise.

What Clients Are Saying About Us

“The team was professional, efficient, and completed the project on time. Our lawn looks lush and healthy, and we receive compliments from our neighbors all the time. Thank you, Liquid Green Hydroseeding!”

- John D., Ladner

“I highly recommend Liquid Green for any lawn maintenance services. The team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always goes above and beyond to make sure our lawn looks its best. We appreciate their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.”

- Sarah T., Tsawwassene

“We’ve been using Liquid Green for two years for hydroseeding and landscaping services, and they never disappoint. The team is reliable, professional, and always delivers exceptional results. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for high level lawn care services.”

- David W., North Delta
Hydroseeding Vancouver

Services We Offer

For hydroseeding in Vancouver, we offer a wide range of hydroseeding and services tailored to meet the specific needs of our hydroseeding Vancouver clients. Our Hydroseeding Vancouver services include:


We use the latest techniques for hydroseeding in Vancouver and high-quality products to provide our clients with superior coverage, faster germination, and a healthier lawn or landscape.

Erosion Control

Wet and rainy climate can cause erosion issues, but we can help. Our erosion control services include hydroseeding, sediment control, and slope stabilization.


Hydroseeding is an economical/ affordable way to establish fresh growth in a pasture from 1/4-100 acres or more. Spraying massive plots of land is our specialty. This creates a blanket which holds seed in place, retains moisture and helps the seed germinate quickly. .


Contact us today to learn more about our services and how our Vancouver hydroseeding team can help you achieve the lawn or landscape you’ve always wanted in Vancouver.

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Hydroseeding Equipment We Use

At Liquid Green, we take immense pride in our advanced hydroseeding equipment, specifically tailored to deliver exceptional results in our hydroseeding Vancouver services.

Mulch and Fertilizer Integration

In addition to precise seed application, our equipment seamlessly incorporates the essential elements of hydroseeding: mulch and fertilizer.

Hydromulching: process includes the application of hydroseeding mulch, which is designed to enhance soil stability, moisture retention, and erosion control, ensuring the best environment for your seeds to flourish.

Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer: We strategically apply nutrient-rich fertilizer as part of our hydroseeding Vancouver service, enriching the soil and promoting vigorous plant growth.

The heart of our hydroseeding Vancouver operations is the Finn T120 Hydroseeder. This specialized equipment is mounted on an International 4800 4×4 compact semi, giving us the versatility to access virtually any space, no matter how challenging. 
  • Efficient Seed Application: The Finn T120 allows us to apply a wide range of seed types with precision, ensuring the highest quality and germination rates for your hydroseeding service. 
  • Seed Quality Assurance: We are committed to using premium-quality seeds, carefully selected for their compatibility with the local climate and soil conditions. 
  • Customized Seed Blends: For your unique landscaping needs, we can create custom seed blends to achieve the exact results you desire.
How We Provide Quality Hydroseeding in Vancouver that Lasts


Our expert technicians offer customized irrigation schedules, guaranteeing seeds get optimal water at the right times. We advise water-saving techniques to reduce wastage. Whether it’s guidance or actual irrigation, our approach adapts to your needs.

Soil Quality

We detect nutrient, pH, and texture imbalances, enabling precise soil enhancement. Adding necessary soil amendments, like organic matter and minerals, improves soil structure and fertility. We employ proper aeration and compaction control techniques. Our hydroseeding Vancouver services involve providing recommendations or instructions, or performing these soil improvements as part of LG’s process, tailored to your specific needs.

Weed Control

Our approach to weed control at Liquid Green involves using high-quality, weed-free seed mixtures. We consistently monitor the hydroseeded area for any signs of weed growth. Our method can encompass providing recommendations, instructions, or directly managing weed control as part of LG’s process.

Seedling Care

We guarantee seeds are planted at the correct depth within the hydroseeding mixture. Our mix includes custom fertilizers to suit seed and soil requirements. We offer guidance on grass seed in Vancouver, post-planting care, covering watering and mowing instructions. Our approach can involve providing recommendations or instructions, or handling these steps as part of our Liquid Green process, depending on your preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hydroseeding is a popular method for planting grass and other vegetation in Vancouver BC. The process involves mixing seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water in a machine known as a hydroseeder. The mixture is then sprayed onto the soil using a hose. Hydroseeding in Vancouver is widely used for landscaping, erosion control, and revegetation projects in the Vancouver BC area. The benefits of hydroseeding include faster germination and growth, better moisture retention, and less soil erosion compared to traditional seeding methods. Additionally, hydroseeding offers many advantages over sodding, such as the ability to cover large areas quickly and at a lower cost. Overall, hydroseeding is a reliable and cost-effective way to establish new vegetation in Vancouver BC. It is particularly useful for areas with difficult terrain, limited access, or environmental challenges, such as steep slopes or disturbed soil.

Anytime in spring, late summer and early fall is the optimal time for hydroseeding in Vancouver. During this period, the weather is typically milder, with warm soil temperatures, ideal for seed germination. Additionally, there's often more consistent rainfall, reducing the need for excessive watering. Choosing this time ensures the best conditions for successful hydroseeding and vibrant lawn growth.

Our hydroseeding services are priced between $0.13-$0.20 cents per square foot, ensuring affordability for our clients. Costs are calculated based on project size, seed selection, soil conditions, and any additional services required. Liquid Green's commitment to cost-effectiveness lies in providing tailored solutions, accurate pricing estimates, and expert guidance, making high-quality hydroseeding accessible to all.

Prior to our hydroseeding service, clients should prepare their lawn by removing any existing vegetation, debris, and rocks. It's crucial to clear the area and provide easy access for our team. Additionally, clients should ensure that the soil is properly graded and ready for the hydroseeding process. Our team will work closely with clients to provide specific guidelines and recommendations to ensure a successful and hassle-free hydroseeding project.

Perennial Rye and Kentucky Blue are popular choices for hydroseeding, both available through this method. Perennial Rye is commonly used in high-traffic areas like parks and sports fields due to its durability and low maintenance requirements, making it an excellent choice for hydroseeding. Our Liquid Green technicians are specialized in selecting the right grass varieties for your specific project, ensuring the best grass seed Vancouver climate can nurture into a lush, thriving lawn.

Hydroseeding boasts numerous benefits with no apparent disadvantages. It outperforms traditional seeding methods by promoting faster growth and even distribution of seeds, leading to lush and uniform landscapes. For a comprehensive understanding of the advantages, check out how long for grass seed to grow.

Water regularly: The irrigation system should have total coverage and should water evenly for best results. Check for head-to-head coverage, low and high spots. If you are watering by hand, do your best to over water the seeded area (overlap). Either watering method should be capable of watering an average of 2-5 times per day during the germination period. Prepare the soil: As necessary, bring in a good quality top soil and or rototill amendments into the areas you plan for our hydroseeding Vancouver team. Use caution when considering the addition of recycled wood compost. This material can contain weed seed which you do not want to introduce to your site as the weeds will choke out your lawn. Also, recycled wood compost will take up nitrogen necessary for good germination of new seedlings. Eliminate weeds: Remove undesired vegetation from the area. Water & fertilize the area to germinate weed seed. This will also show you if you have head-to-head coverage or not. Dry areas will not grow hydroseed grass as quickly. Once weeds sprout (usually within 7-14 days), use a contact weedkiller such as Round-Up or remove them manually.. Pre-seed irrigation and weed kill/removal may take more than one cycle depending on your site and soil used. Post-hydroseeding care: After grass hydroseeding, all surface areas must be kept continually moist with frequent light watering (season & weather dependent). Water 2-5 times per day for premium results. Try not to allow germinating seedlings, including hydro grass, to dry out or they could die. Once seed has germinated, and growth is established, water should be applied with less frequency, but for longer periods of time. Deep watering promotes deep root growth. Mow every 7-10 days and fertilize 1-3 times a year with balanced fertilizer. Regular mowing will manage weeds and push lateral growth, creating a tight stand of grass.

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